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normal VSI.exe /logon fails to start workload

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23 Oct 2013 12:54 #1470 by NJA
NJA created the topic: VSI.exe /logon fails to start workload
Hi - I am testing the medium workload on Windows 7 platform. The VSI.exe process starts and quits straight away. Are there any debug switches i can use to see why this isnt kicking off the workload (office 2007)

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23 Oct 2013 17:34 - 23 Oct 2013 17:35 #1471 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: VSI.exe /logon fails to start workload
For anyone else reading this. This was already solved over a GoToMeeting call but the solution was changing the engine startup setting from Shell to Chained.

By default VSI expects to run shortly after group policies have been applied. Well before Windows Explorer is started. In this case VSI sets itself up to be executed once Explorer has loaded by setting a registry key under the current user RunOnce
If the VSI logon script is started by an alternate method that does not run (or complete) before Windows Explorer is started then the engine startup setting needs to be changed to chained. The chained setting causes the engine startup to be chained directly to the logon script.

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