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SFConnect fails with Error gathering resources / token for resources"

  • squevill
  • squevill's Avatar Topic Author
14 Nov 2013 19:35 #1487 by squevill
I am trying to use the SFConnect utility to launch some virtual desktop sessions. We use XenDesktop 7.0. the StoreFront server it setup to use http (not https) at the moment.

This is the output:
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Connecting to URL cscxdsbst001.thebeast.local/Citrix/thebeast
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Got "unauthorized" response, trying to authenticate
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Getting token for http://cscxdsbst001/Citrix/TheBeast/resources/v2
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Getting token for http://cscxdsbst001/Citrix/Authentication/auth/v1/token
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Using protocol ExplicitForms
[2013-11-14 14:31:09] Authenticating user credentials
Error gathering resources
Error getting authentication token for resources

Note that this works fine with our other XenDesktop 7.1 environment (which is using https). Is SFConnect suppose to work with plain http to communication to the StoreFront?

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15 Nov 2013 00:03 #1488 by d.geerlings
Can you post the command line you are using?

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15 Nov 2013 00:05 #1489 by d.geerlings
Actually, can you replace thebeast in your url with the case sensitive TheBeast?

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  • squevill
  • squevill's Avatar Topic Author
15 Nov 2013 12:59 - 22 Nov 2013 12:44 #1490 by squevill
This is the command lilne:
Z:\LoginVSI407\SFConnect.exe /url "{url}" /user "{user}" /password "{password}" /resource "{desktop}" /display absolute /displayabsolute 800x600

This is the .session entry that I was using (does not work):
Win7 Dev 64,thebeast.local,thebeast.local\x-squevill,xxxxxx, cscxdsbst001.thebeast.local/Citrix/thebeast

This is the .session entry that works:
Win7 Dev 64,thebeast.local,thebeast.local\x-squevill,xxxxxx, cscxdsbst001.thebeast.local/Citrix/TheBeast

I have also enabled https on my StoreFront and it works with https as well.

* I have change the password to protect the innocent.

Thanks for your suggestion!!!

Now, If I could only get the /display options to work, I'd be all set.

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