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19 Nov 2013 00:35 #1493

Login VSI Version:
Test system: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.2
Operating system version target: Windows 7
Operating system version launcher(s): Windows 7
Office version target: Office 2010


I would like to utilize LoginVSI to load test Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization VDI environments. I was wondering if anyone provide assistance for getting this type of testing scenario in place? I saw that LoginVSI was used in a white paper put together by Red Hat:


What do I need to do for RHEV VDI testing? Use a custom csv file? Can you provide me an example file? Also, once I verify that I can benchmark my VDI cluster with the Express config, I am going to need to purchase an license upgrade to get up to at least 250 users. Maybe higher depending on what the price looks like.


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19 Nov 2013 00:39 #1494


The idea is that you need to have a command line method of connecting to the environment. Does the SPICE client offer a command line method of connecting a user to the environment? If so then we can test it.

I don't know how Principled Technologies connected to the environment but it must be possible :)

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19 Nov 2013 01:00 #1495


When you log in to the RHEV User Portal and launch a console, behind the scenes, the RHEV Manager knows what hypervisor system that your target virtual desktop is running on and what port it is using. That information is passed back to IE, which then launches "%APPDATA%\Local\virt-viewer\bin\virt-viewer.exe" with the appropriate connection information, as well as AD credentials to do single sign-on. I've started doing some session tracing with Fiddler...looks like IE does a POST of a application/json type to a web service on the RHEV Manager system. Might have to so something similar...I'm familiar with Python, maybe I can put together some code that can perform the same type of POST to the RHEV Manager and get back the connection information that I would need to pass along to the virt-viewer executable?

Thanks for the quick response!

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19 Nov 2013 01:03 #1496

Alternatively you can write a Python (or different language) script that simply automates IE? We do something similar for the Citrix web interface. It is not ideal due to timing issues etc but it works.

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26 Nov 2013 19:28 #1507


Current status....I wrote a Python script that allows you to pass the name of the target Windows desktop VM that you want to login to. The script then grabs all of the things it needs via the RHEV RESTful API and passes all of that over to remote-viewer.exe which established a Spice session to the hypervisor where the Windows desktop VM is running. Then, installed Python on a launcher to test and I can get the test scenario tool to launch a remote-viewer session to a Windows virtual desktop system. However, I don't think the current iteration of remote-viewer allows the passing of the Windows AD SSO credentials as part of the launch of the remote-viewer session (or at least if it does, I can't figure out how to do it as of yet). Over on the launcher machine, the remote session is sitting at the Windows login screen. Once I logged in the LoginVSI test user, the workload session became active and I can see Word being opened, web sites being visited, etc. Is there a way to add the login of the user to the scripting? Can it be added to basephase.txt? Or some other way?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Greatly appreciated!

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27 Nov 2013 08:15 #1508

Progress! Researching the SSO issue, I came across this Bugzilla entry: bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=955261

"Otherwise you can use vdsClient to pass desktopLogin to the guest parallel to the remove-viewer invocation."

I added some code that would first SSH to the hypervisor where the VM was running, and then execute the vdsClient desktopLogin command, passing the VM ID, Active Directory name, LoginVSI AD user and password. At that point, launching remote-viewer for the VM specified will SSO the LoginVSI AD user and the test workload begins.

Now to see about getting the test suite to iterate over multiple users...

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27 Nov 2013 22:24 #1513

By testsuite you mean Login VSI?

You can do that by adding [count] to the command line. The VSI launcher agent will replace {count} with the current session number. For example.

Command line:
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser{count}

Will result in the following command lines being executed by the agent:
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser1
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser2
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser3
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser4

If you need to format the number use the following format
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser{count/n}
Where n is the number of digits the number needs to have at minimum. For example:
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser{count/3}

results in
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser001
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser002
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser100
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser101
MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser1000

Makes sense?

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27 Nov 2013 22:52 #1514

Yes, it does make sense. I found the examples on the online documentation. I ended up using this method...

MyExecutable.exe /username Testuser{count/3}

I have run four 50 session tests today and my RHEV VDI environment yawned at the load. I think I'm ready to "go Pro" :)

I've sent a couple e-mails to vsi at loginvsi.com asking for more information on how to purchase the Pro version, however, I haven't received a response as of yet. Would I be better off submitting a request for a quote here? www.loginvsi.com/price-request


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