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nothing happened in target VM after logon

  • Hubbert
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31 Dec 2013 07:25 #1566 by Hubbert
I was using loginvsi 4.0 express, after i followed the steps which official website introduced,
i started my first test on win7 VM, but there was nothing appeared after the auto-logon.

then i tried many times to see what happened, it was weird that two or three times loginvsi test was
launched, but other times nothing happened.

the other problem is that i started the agent in launcher machine,but the manage console was always
waiting for agent and i did add the launcher using hostname instead of ip, so what is wrong.
now i have to set the vsishare as launcher machine, i don't want this, what can i do?

Kind regards

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  • Hubbert
  • Hubbert's Avatar Topic Author
31 Dec 2013 09:45 - 31 Dec 2013 11:27 #1567 by Hubbert
about logon problem, i have found the reason. the win7 target vm has logged on using test accout before
i started the test using the same test accout, so it would connect to the target vm without logon process and of course it didn't trigger the loginvsi test

then i face another problem, the notepad ask to open a file named "openFileDialog1" and after some time, login vsi popped up a fatal error dialog. how to solve this problem?

the launcher problem still troubles me.

in addition, my os language is chinese, office version is 2010

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03 Jan 2014 23:03 #1568 by d.geerlings
Hello Hubbert,

You need to use the same language for both Office and the operating system. Please also make sure that you select the correct workload language in the management console under workload > settings > workload language

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