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normal scenario configuration

  • Hubbert
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07 Jan 2014 10:59 - 07 Jan 2014 11:01 #1571 by Hubbert
Hubbert created the topic: scenario configuration
i am using loginvsi4.0.8 express

in scenario configuration, i set overall logon rate and launcher logon rate to 1 since i wanted to test the situation that multiple target vms start testing at the same time, but after this set, the launch window was set to a number which is the outcome of the logon rate multiplies the number of targets automatically. Can't the relationship between logon rate and launcher window be changed?

And i found that if i set the launch window to a small number, the test would finished quickly as the dash board shown. Does launch window mean the time interval at which total sessions were launched or at which total test was running?

my question is how to set multiple target to start testing at the same time and meanwhile the test can persist a long time?

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07 Jan 2014 23:19 #1575 by d.geerlings
d.geerlings replied the topic: scenario configuration
The values in the scenario configuration are all based on each other. The launcher logon rate is simply the launch window divided by the amount of sessions per launcher. If you change any of these values all of the other values are recalculated. Internally only the timeframe/launch window is used. The other values are merely there for informational purposes.

The launch window/timeframe is the time it takes to launch every session. While it does relate to the total duration of the test it is not the recommended knob to turn to increase the time a test will run. To increase the time a test runs without interfering with the launch window/timeframe i suggest changing the timer on the first page of the start test wizard. This number defaults to 120 and is the time a test will stay active after the last session has been launched. Changing this value will extend the time of the test while it does not interfere with the launch window/timeframe.

Also see www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Frequentl...goff_mechanism_works

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  • Hubbert
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08 Jan 2014 02:57 - 08 Jan 2014 10:00 #1577 by Hubbert
Hubbert replied the topic: scenario configuration
thanks for your reply.

in the FAQ, it is said "The Login VSI workloads (48 minutes) are cut up in 4 segments of 12 minutes each". where can i change the time of workloads(segment)? or is it fixed?

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