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normal Launch Login VSI test with .IsActiveTest file

  • Andrew_Dell
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16 Jan 2014 12:42 #1588 by Andrew_Dell
Andrew_Dell created the topic: Launch Login VSI test with .IsActiveTest file
Hi there.
I am trying to run a login vsi test without using the management console. I have created a file called !!!_Example.IsActiveTest file in the VSI share root folder but I get the below error when the login vsi process begins.

What is the correct way to run a test without using the management console, am I missing something in the process?

Login VSI version is 4.02, OS on which I trying to run the test is Win Server 2012 R2 (session host). Im launching the session manually from a Win 7 32 bit os launcher .


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16 Jan 2014 17:47 #1589 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: Launch Login VSI test with .IsActiveTest file

To kick-off a test without the LoginVSI Management Console is possible. The requirement is to have the latest patch (0.9) installed.

Make sure that you configure the test (GUI) with the Management Console. We are actually 'preparing' the test for running it from a CMD prompt. Make sure that at least the following is configured, launchers, dataservers and webservers, configure Office version, LanguageFile, Logoff mechanism, user/group drives.

Make sure that the testing 'scenario' is configured for at least, amount of sessions, launch window and the workload that is going to be used.

Make sure that there is a 'connection' configuration configured (how are we connecting to the testing environment).

Last but not least, make sure that you configure the 'logoff sequence' for your testing ends. To modify the logoff value, start a test from the (GUI) management console, in the 'test configuration' tab modify the value (default 120sec. = 2min.) to the required logoff value and click once on next. This will save the logoff sequence.

Browse to the VSIshare and go to, _VSI_ManagementConsole, in this folder we can locate the "LoginVSICMD.exe" which is required to kick-off the test without GUI. When starting the LoginVSICMD.exe you will get the option to kick-off the test from CCL.

See attached screenie.

Good luck!

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