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Are updated apps required from v3 to v4?

  • nelmedia
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05 Feb 2014 21:40 #1619 by nelmedia
Doing a test upgrade from v3 to v4 and already have the previous apps from v3 (FreeMind, Adobe, Flash, etc.) already packaged for install. I don't have DoroPDF yet, but will. My question - is it a requirement to upgrade the existing apps for v4 tests to work correctly?


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05 Feb 2014 22:06 #1620 by d.geerlings

Any version of Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, Flash player and Java will do assuming they are somewhat recent (Office 2003 or later for example). VSI 4 uses a portable version of Freemind instead of a locally installed version. You can also disable PDF printing using a checkbox in the management console instead of having to install the PDF printer.

Also have a look at our upgrade guide found in the documentation under other documents ( www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Main_Page )

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