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normal VSI_Type_Sentence & VS_Save

  • Gallt99
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12 Feb 2014 11:03 #1632 by Gallt99
Gallt99 created the topic: VSI_Type_Sentence & VS_Save

Just writing some custom scripts and using the reference guide


I notice that in the Medium script there is a command under freemind for VSI_Type_Sentence and VSI_Save which I can find no reference to

do you have details of what this is and what it does


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12 Feb 2014 14:45 #1633 by t.willemsen
t.willemsen replied the topic: VSI_Type_Sentence & VS_Save
Hello Tom,

Thank you for notifying us that these functions were not documented correctly i will update this when i can. In the mean time i have an answer for you, the commands work as follows:

VSI_Save (Application, save command, save location)

Sends the save file key sequence and checks if timestamp on file is updated.

VSI_Type_Sentence (Application + number of sentences / rows)

Types a number of sentences, devided by enter.

I hope this answers your question, feel free to ask if there is anything else.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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