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No any operations during launcher open one session host(MicrosoftRemoteApp)

  • siyang
  • siyang's Avatar Topic Author
04 Mar 2014 03:57 #1662

I followed the setup guide to deploy 4.11 express environment to test my Microsoft Remote App(VDI) in my lab.
Now I'm facing one issue that is after I use launcher to run one Session Host server, but on any operation on this session host server. From the user guide, I could see some operations such as open file, copy file etc.. But in my environment, the launcher only open the session host server without any operation, and no any testing result on VSI Management Console.
Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance.



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04 Mar 2014 08:53 #1663

Hello Siyang,

If i understand correctly the laucher (agent.exe) launches a session but the session does not run the test. Can you check a few things?

1. See if the LoginVSI users (or session users) have the right permission to the VSI Share.
2. When a session has logged on please check the %temp% directory to see if there is a VSI folder with the VSI.exe (and other files) in it.
3. See if the logon script is pointing to the right vsi share, check this on your AD server with \\localhost\netlogon and check the v4-VSI_Launcher and v4-VSI_Logon files.

Please let me know the results.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • siyang
  • siyang's Avatar Topic Author
04 Mar 2014 10:02 #1664

Hi Tom,
Many thanks for your quick response. Please see my below comments.
1. Yes, I granted admin permission for login user.
2. No, I don't find VSI folder, only a folder named "2"(C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Local\Temp\2), and no any file named with VSI.
3. Yes, I could see launcher file and logon file on my AD server, I opened file see "CALL "\\WEB02A\VSI Datasrv\_VSI_Binaries\Target\Logon.cmd"" and "CALL "\\WEB02A\VSI Datasrv\_VSI_Binaries\Launcher\Agent.exe"".

Any more suggestion?

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04 Mar 2014 10:09 #1665

Hello Siyang,

If possible i would like to setup a call with you to further investigate this problem. Please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your availability (i have time now) so we can plan a session.


Tom Willemsen

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  • hy6356
  • hy6356's Avatar
11 Mar 2014 02:11 #1679

Hi, Tom,

I am also faced this issue now. The symptoms are just exactly as Siyang's. I appreciate any solution.

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11 Mar 2014 07:18 #1680

Hello Hy,

Have you checked the previous answers in this thread? If not please do so. And if you can please supply me with more information about your environment.
1. What is the username you are using to connect to your environment.
2. Is this user in the LoginVSI group in the AD, and has the right logon script connected to it?
3. Can you manually connect to a target session and connect to the VSIShare?
4. Is the workload stuck (you see a green (or red) loading window at the bottom of the screen) or does the session do nothing.

Please let me know the results


Tom Willemsen

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