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Delayed start of test

  • emckwong
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18 Mar 2014 00:58 #1681 by emckwong
In 3.7, there's an option to specify a delay period before the test is kicked off. I couldn't seem to find the similar option in 4.x. Has this feature be removed?

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18 Mar 2014 09:46 #1682 by o.bouhaj

In the Management Console > Workload > settings
One can set the:

Random initial wait
Is used before a workload begins its first loop. The workload will randomly select a number ranging from 1 – 5 (or something different depending on what the user entered) and waits this amount of seconds before beginning the first loop. This setting was created to start every session at a different moment.


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  • emckwong
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18 Mar 2014 20:45 #1684 by emckwong
Hi Omar,

I was actually asking about the delay even before a test begins. That delay option in 3.7 is useful because we usually wait for a fixed amount of time for the desktops to boot up and settle down, before a test is started in an hour or so later. So the option would allow the test to start automatically at the right time, without the need to remember to start the test manually at a later time.

Having that option back in 4.x would definitely help automate test execution.

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19 Mar 2014 07:43 #1685 by t.willemsen

Im sorry but we don't have this exact option anymore. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. What you are able to do is create a custom CMD / BAT script with a custom Timeout, and after that timeout you call the LoginVSICMD.exe which is a commandline interface for the Management Console. The LoginVSICMD.exe can be found in your VSIShare\_VSI_ManagementConsole.

In order for it to work please configure your settings in your Management Console (connector, launchers, dataservers, and so forts) . Then use the following command "LoginVSICMD.exe -testname "yourtestname" -profile "your saved config profilename".
Profile is not a required field. The automated launcher login and agent.exe startup, found in the test start wizard, is not available through this commandprompt.

Hope this helps you automate your environment!



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  • emckwong
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19 Mar 2014 16:37 #1687 by emckwong
That helps. Thanks, Tom.

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