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VSI Analyzer Can't Create Chart due to too many sessions in first sample

  • PrattG
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24 Mar 2014 04:18 #1696 by PrattG
Question to Login Consultants... I'm wondering if there is any resolution to this error, or way to work around it with the data that's there? I had a perfect run tonight with 120 out of 120 sessions, but I can't open the chart. The error is attached and the error text is as follows..
The first data sample contains too hight amount of active sessions. A chart cannot be created and this log file will be closed.
Please increase the launch window in the Management Console and run a new test.

I realize that I could run it again, but was hoping there was something I could do. Please let me know. Thanks in advance-

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24 Mar 2014 09:35 #1697 by o.bouhaj
Can you update your bits to the latest version online pls.
You can download the PATCH and run the upgrade.


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