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1st session per terminal services server not starting

  • deeemjai
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28 Mar 2014 11:23 #1706 by deeemjai
Hi All,

I’m hoping somebody could help me with a small problem I’m experiencing with Login VSI 4.

I’m running a setup with Citrix / Storefront front ending a Windows 2012 R2 terminal services farm of a varying number of target nodes which I am trying to benchmark.

The test was setup and working perfectly and I was getting good results, however after a little while of playing with different settings I found that for some reason the first X number of sessions started by the run never reach an active state.

For example, if I have 7 terminal servers, the first 7 sessions typically don’t start, however the 8th onwards starts and runs perfectly. Then at the end of the run there are 7 sessions which were never active and never log off. The number of sessions which don’t start varies exactly with the number of terminal servers in the group.

I’ve very strange, since the Sfconnect.exe seems to start the session, and you see the Citrix receiver open for a split second, but nothing seems to launch and you’re left with the script showing “Launching ICA file”

I've included an example of the screen which I see until the number of launched sessions reaches a number great than the number of terminal services servers, then the sessions start as expected.

Perhaps somebody else has seen this behaviour and can point me in the right direction to resolve it?

Many Thanks

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01 Apr 2014 17:43 #1709 by d.geerlings

Is there any indication why the first session fails in the event logs of the remote server?

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01 Apr 2014 17:44 #1710 by d.geerlings
Also, can you verify that the target machine is available. Not in standby mode or something like that?

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