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Not able to run sikuli script within a workload using VSI_ShellExecuteWait

  • vdobhal
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01 Apr 2014 13:32 - 01 Apr 2014 13:49 #1707 by vdobhal

I am trying to run a batch file (which runs a sikuli script) using the VSI_ShellExecuteWait command in a custom workload. The batch command just executes (as I can see the run.txt getting created at the desktop) but I do not see the sikuli script running. Has anybody tried running the sikuli script before within the workload?

Right now I have just copied the 'Sikuli' folder in the 'C:\' drive of the target system. How can I run the sikuli script from this folder? or do I need to copy it to the %VSI_Userhome% and how can I do that?

Workload snapshot
VSI_ShellExecute("test", "c:\Sikuli\loginvsi.bat", "", "" ,"", "Minimize")

Contents of the batch file
@echo off
runIde.cmd -r random.sikuli > %userprofile%\desktop\run.txt


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01 Apr 2014 16:57 #1708 by d.geerlings

Try setting the working directory.
VSI_ShellExecute("test", "c:\Sikuli\loginvsi.bat", "", "c:\Sikuli" ,"", "Minimize")

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