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Session Error Messages - The Windows IE7 , The Windows IE3 did not appear

  • sveerabh
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18 Apr 2014 20:46 #1725 by sveerabh
Login VSI Version: 4.0
Test system: VMware view 4.3
Operating system version target: Windows 7
Operating system version launcher(s): Server 2008 R2
Office version target: Office 2007

When I started the test with only 100 VMs, we are getting a lot of session errors with the following message.
We would like to resolve these before we deploy thousands of desktops and start the real load test.

Appreciate any help.

Thank you

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22 Apr 2014 08:32 #1727 by t.willemsen
Hello Sankar

Concerning your Internet problem, if im correct you have installed the Pro Library. We know there are a few issues with the pro library content and some browser versions. But we have a work around for this problem that will allow you to run a smooth test run.

In your management console > infrastructure > content library please change the websites (bbc, the verge etc) from 20 to 5.

As for your problem with VSInotepad.exe, do you have an antivirus running on your system? If so please make an exclusion for the VSI folder (found in %temp%\VSI) or exclude the VSInotepad.exe.

Let us know if this fixes your problems.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • sveerabh
  • sveerabh's Avatar Topic Author
22 Apr 2014 17:43 #1729 by sveerabh
HI Tom,

Thank you very much for the quick response.

I will change the web site parameters from 20 to 5

Regarding excluding the files on %temp%\VSI folder, do we need to do the change ? On every desktops ?

Thank you

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23 Apr 2014 10:43 #1731 by t.willemsen

Yes we recommend every desktop, because if you only do one, others cna still fail. I dont know how your antivirus works but maybe you can do the setting for all sessions?


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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