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app_start Timeout: Outlook/Outlook.exe/Inbox

  • Duchovny
  • Duchovny's Avatar Topic Author
29 May 2014 09:22 #1794

We have a lot of this error screens from the tests, anyone have some information about it? It seems that the segment tests with Outlook are stuck and not running at all. When I run the same test again, the problems are sill in the same VDI machines. The problem is NOT in all of the machines, but most of them it has it. We are using version - Pro


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30 May 2014 01:57 #1795


This is probably caused by OCT, see www.loginvsi.com/documentation/Frequentl...t_an_Outlook_Profile . Let me know if that solves your issue.

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  • Duchovny
  • Duchovny's Avatar Topic Author
30 May 2014 08:10 #1798

Hi, unfortunately, there is no registry entry in this location :( I mean, the key for "setup" is missing, when you expand the path:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\<office version>\User Settings\<random guid>\create\software\microsoft\office\<office version>\

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30 May 2014 11:40 #1799

Hello David,

When you run the test and sessions are stuck on the screenshot you sent us. Can you open that session and manually do the following, open a run box and Type this: "outlook /importprf %temp%\vsi\runtime\outlook.prf". This should manually open Outlook with the preferred PRF file. If this works please close Outlook and start it again without the /importprf command.

Please let me know if this works / is possible.

P.s. do you have an express or pro license?


Tom WIllemsen - Support VSI

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  • Duchovny
  • Duchovny's Avatar Topic Author
30 May 2014 14:29 #1800


yes, it works, we have pro license. Besides that Outlook error we have also another errors which are often in errorshots:

2014-05-29 10:13:07,APP_Start Timout: Freemind1/H:\UserMindmap.mm/UserMindmap.mm - but, when I checked one of the failed VDI with that error, I saw the desired file on drive H.

BTW: some tests are not able to finished in proper time - in management console, there is the end, but some tests are stil running, seems that some of them are "stucked" and "wait for user interaction".

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30 May 2014 14:50 #1801


I do think you have a default outlook profile configured, are you running any form of profile shell like RES in your environment? Do you have any GPO configured (Namely OCT) in your environment? To bypass the Outlook issue you can add the following lines in the preparephase of your desired workload:

App_Start("OutlookPrepare", "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office%VSI_OfficeVersion%", "Outlook.exe", "Title", "lang:Outlook:lang","","/safe /importprf %temp%\vsi\runtime\outlook.prf")
VSI_Type_Fixed("OutlookPrepare", "{esc}")
VSI_Type_Fixed("OutlookPrepare", "{esc}")
App_Focus("OutlookPrepare", "Title", "lang:Outlook:lang", "", "Maximize")
App_Close("OutlookPrepare", "Title", "lang:Outlook:lang")

This piece of code starts outlook and forces it to use the Login VSI outlook profile. It then closes it and start the workload. As for the other errors, can you send us logfiles or screenshots? If you do not wish to place your information on the forum please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tom Willemsen - Support VSI

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  • poudman
  • poudman's Avatar
20 Jun 2014 22:58 #2056

Hi Tom,

Same here, we use RES Workspace Manager 2014.
I think I'm on the right track with the code but I'm afraid something is not good in the first line. We use Outlook 2010 dutch, I changed it a little bit and now it is working for me:

#Outlook prepare on Dutch version
App_Start("OutlookPrepare", "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office%VSI_OfficeVersion%", "Outlook.exe", "Title", "Startinstellingen van Microsoft Outlook 2010","","/safe /importprf %temp%\vsi\runtime\outlook.prf")
VSI_Type_Fixed("OutlookPrepare", "{esc}")
VSI_Type_Fixed("OutlookPrepare", "{ALTDOWN}j{ALTUP}")

# Start Word
App_Start("WordPrepare", "", "winword.exe", "Title", "Word")
App_Focus("WordPrepare", "Title", "Word", "", "Maximize")
App_Close("WordPrepare", "Title", "Word")

# Set the default printer to Doro PDF Writer
Set_DefaultPrinter("Workload", "Doro PDF Writer")

So I do the outlook prep part before "start word" starts. If I do it the other way around I have word still waiting to finish with outlook on top of it.

Let me know if I can do something else to make it more robust.



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20 Jun 2014 23:15 #2057

######## OUTLOOK ACTIONS ########
# Start Outlook
App_Start("Outlook", "%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office%VSI_OfficeVersion%", "Outlook.exe", "Title", "lang:Outlook:lang","","/importprf %temp%\vsi\runtime\outlook.prf")

Rather than having it in the prep-phase. This should work.

Let us know. Thanks,


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