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normal New test - Medium Workload - Outlook doesn't start, Logout doesn't happen

  • Mind
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30 May 2014 21:16 #1802 by Mind
Mind created the topic: New test - Medium Workload - Outlook doesn't start, Logout doesn't happen
I'm running VSIServer and VSILauncher in 2008 R2 VMs, connecting to an RDS Farm through an LB VIP. When attempting to run the very first test with LoginVSI v4.0.12.754 with 1 logon, it logons and goes through initial processes. However, when it loads IE and pulls up the BBC page, it appears to stop there. It doesn't do any scrolling, and Outlook never opens next. The progress bar sits at 1%.

I found in the Medium Workload file that the path to my Office installation was incorrect, it needs to be pointed to %programfiles(x86)%, so I copied the Medium to CustomMedium with the modification, but Outlook still doesn't run. It does this for each RDSH in the farm it connects to, and I've run the test almost 30 times now with no changes after the first few times I did it. The first few times I got it to go to 2%, or 3%...once I got Outlook to run and it opened several emails but stopped at that point, not closing Outlook, and I don't know how I got it to run Outlook.

These are locked down RDSH's with GPOs, so I've had to change some settings (like allowing registry editing for the LoginVSI user accounts, to just making the LoginVSI group local Admins), so I'm not sure what conflicts with the default Medium test.

Any advice here?

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30 May 2014 23:59 #1803 by o.bouhaj
o.bouhaj replied the topic: New test - Medium Workload - Outlook doesn't start, Logout doesn't happen

Pls make sure that the User GP is being initiated and/or is being processed.
IE not continuing means, that IE is either, not in "Protected Mode" and/or it is and therefore the IE action will not continue.

The Office part is taken care of. We set this for you, so dont worry about it.
We would love to help you out so make sure to:
- collect any more information for us (with screenshots)
- collect the logfile folder (zipped) in: VSIshare\_VSI_Logfiles\<test-name> and attach it when sending further support related questions to: support [at] loginvsi [dot] com

Thanks and hear from you soon.

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  • Mind
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02 Jun 2014 14:53 #2031 by Mind
Mind replied the topic: New test - Medium Workload - Outlook doesn't start, Logout doesn't happen
I was able to get the test to run past that point, with IE scrolling, Outlook opening, and even it logged out when it was scheduled to.

In GPResult, it showed the VSI User-V4 GPO being applied (although the resultant settings didn't show anything from that GPO), but what was not applied anywhere was the VSI System-V4 GPO (it was linked to the Computers container during the automated script setup, but my RDSH's are not in in that OU container. I manually linked the VSI System-V4 GPO to my RDSH OU, and went into each RDSH in the farm and did a gpupdate. Then, I re-ran the test and it seemed to work fine.

Now, I'll actually be able to run it with a larger number of users and see what happens.

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