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    Login VSI at HIMSS 21

    Test Your Application Performance

    Login VSI maximizes the end-user experience for all digital workspaces. Our flagship product, Login Enterprise is an automated testing platform that predicts performance, ensuring business continuity and reducing risk.

    Login Enterprise tests from pre-production through to production, testing the application and desktop as a whole, ensuring an optimal end-user experience. Login Enterprise allows application owners to:

    • Improve the end-user experience in production
    • Gain insights into application performance, by measuring the user’s experience

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    Login VSI - HIMSS 21 - Trial Offer

    Trial Includes

    3-month license to test a single application with 1 synthetic user executing 1 test per day, consisting of 10 actions, such as:

    1. Start EMR every day at 5:00 am
    2. Retrieve a patient record
    3. Add a prescription to the record