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Combined solution enables IT organizations to continuously test the performance and availability of virtual and cloud workspaces

IGEL provider of the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces and Login VSI, the company dedicated to maximizing the end-user experience have combined forces. Login Enterprise Launchers are now completely integrated into the IGEL endpoint.

Login VSI maximizes the end-user computing experience on all IGEL OS-powered endpoints. Automatically testing and validating the impact of change in any physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces, Login Enterprise ensures application and desktop performance.

The combined solution enables IT organizations to leverage their IGEL infrastructure to continuously test the performance and availability of virtual and cloud workspaces. The combination of IGEL and Login VSI enables customers to gain a holistic view of productivity resources 24x7x365, giving them visibility into performance and availability changes.


Experience better VDI workspaces with Login VSI and IGEL

What does it mean to you?

Customers can now visualize performance degradation and proactively address issues before they impact the business - saving the enterprise time and money.

Availability of Solution

The Login Enterprise Launcher in IGEL OS 11.03 and greater can be accessed by the Login Enterprise Virtual Appliance and then activated using Jobs to schedule virtual user sessions to run to collect performance and availability information. From start to finish, it only takes a few minutes to fully configure the Launcher which can then be deployed remotely for quick tests to watch for changes that may impact SLAs.

Enhance your end-user experience with IGEL OS and Login VSI

  • Centralized endpoint management lowers cost (TCO) and enhances control and security
  • IGEL makes the roll-out and management of distributed endpoints, 10 to 100,000 easy
  • IGEL makes end-user computing environments more secure, manageable and cost-effective
  • Login VSI helps to build and protect a good user experience in VDI
  • Login VSI helps to optimize the performance, availability, and scalability of VDI


Login VSI and IGEL - Better Together

Login Enterprise is available on IGEL OS 11.03 and greater


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"Maximizing the Performance and Availability of Endpoint Computing Resources with Automated Testing"

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