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    Ensure the Performance and Security of a Remote Workforce

    What comes after you enable Work-From-Home? How do you deliver enhanced security, performance, and experience?

    In today’s environment, most of the workforce must work from home. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology offers new ways to keep that workforce connected. Due to a lack of portable computer equipment and uncertain connectivity issues, many companies are struggling with how to effectively deliver a productive user workspace that ensures security and performance.

    Login VSI and IGEL provide easy-to-deploy-and-manage secure endpoints, ensuring an optimal Working From Home experience. Through continuous experience monitoring, together, we deliver a proactive approach to security and performance management that is easy to deploy with the click of a mouse.

    In this webinar, we discussed how:

    • To quickly extend your current Citrix solutions to your remote workers via IGEL endpoints
    • Some customers are leveraging their Citrix solutions to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop
    • To ensure your remote workforce is productive
    • To continuously monitor the performance and availability of a remote employee
    • To make sure performance or availability issues might be the home network the user is on

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