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    How To Deal With The Non-Stop Rate Of Change
    Of The Workspace!

    Watch IGEL Community’s Sebastien Perusat, with Login VSI Chief Technology Officer, Michael Kent, for a lively Q&A and show & tell on how Login VSI is changing the ability of the Enterprise to deal with the non-stop rate of change of the workspace image.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Intro to Login Enterprise End User Management
    • How to run automated end-user acceptance testing to benchmark user experience
    • How to load test VDI Deployments including Cloud (WVD), for instance, sizing/selection
    • How to verify end-user experience in production
    • How to leverage existing IGEL endpoints for Pre-and Post-production user experience testing
    • How to move your mindset from self-built metrics scripts to an enterprise-level solution

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