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    ​​​Thought-Provoking Experts with Insights on Digital Workspace Experience, End-User Computing, and Application Performance

    This year’s event brought together over 1,000+ EUC experts from all over the world. IT professionals and inspiring keynote speakers joined to explore the latest trends, solutions, and best practices in the digital workspace. The event featured fresh perspectives from a series of experts.

    Leverage the industry knowledge through the event sessions and free content available on-demand.

    • Keynote: EUC Testing – No Longer an Afterthought​​​
      ​​​Mark Bowker, Sr. Analyst, ESG and Richard Scannell, GM, Login VSI
    • ​​​The Future of VDI
      ​​​Brian Madden, Technologist, VMware
    • VDI Like a Pro: EUC Market Trends & Predictions​​​
      ​​​Christiaan Brinkhoff, Microsoft and Ruben Spruijt, Nutanix
    • The Role of EUX in Digital Transformation
      Michael Kent​​​, CTO, Login VSI
    • Windows 11: What to Expect, How to Prepare, and First Results​​​
      Mark Plettenberg, Login VSI and Hilko Lantinga​​​, VMware
    • ​​​Feedback – The Unsung Hero of IT
      Perparim Bislimi​​​, Engineer, Login VSI
    • Sizing Azure Virtual Desktop and Selecting the Perfect Instance​​​
      Blair Parkhill, Login VSI and Pieter Wigleven​​​, Microsoft


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    Login VSI Summit 2021 - Opening keynote

    Opening Keynote: Charlie and the Testing Factory

    Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO, Login VSI, Mark Plettenberg, Sr. Product Manager, Login VSI & Blair Parkhill, Director of Products, Login VSI

    Discover a revolutionary new way to measure user experience, get the latest on the roadmaps and research, and examine the vision of what testing will look like for 2022 and evolve in the future.

    Here’s a sneak peek — watch the opening keynote session.