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    Login VSI Webinar - Finance Symposium [Virtual Panel] - Cloud - Automation - DevOps

    Finance Symposium [Virtual Panel]

    How Automation is Changing Financial Institutions

    Automation, DevOps, and the transition to the Cloud. In a time where Collaboration, Security, and User Experience are the primary focus, how are financial institutions progressing in the quest to implement automation, and what are the challenges they are facing? Which services are they provisioning through zero-touch delivery?

    Michael Kent, CTO of Login VSI discussed this topic with IT leaders and guest speakers from financial enterprises, System Integrators, and vendors to learn about the business side of pipeline automation, infrastructure as a code, and DevOps.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Hear from a multidisciplinary panel how they deal with change in their organization
    • Get to know what challenges enterprises are facing in the adoption of DevOps, automation and cloud
    • Watch the debate about User Experience and its role in business decisions


    • Danny Bos, SVP Global Head FLMC at First Line Risk & Security – Rabobank
    • Per Ove Johansson, EMEA Solution Strategist – Citrix
    • Michael Kent, CTO – Login VSI
    • Perparim Bislimi, Technical Pre Sales Engineer – Login VSI

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    Login VSI - [Virtual Panel] Finance Symposium - Speaker 2

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    Danny Bos

    Per Ove Johansson

    Michael Kent

    Perparim Bislimi