Webinar: Shifting Focus – EUX is the Key - Login VSI
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    The recent turbulence has revealed that end-user experience is an essential performance indicator for every business.

    Watch Michael Kent, CTO of Login VSI, as he explores managing EUX in key business initiatives.

    Whether you are planning new infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, or trying to keep your environment up to date with planned and unplanned changes – each initiative requires knowing how your end-users will perform when taking specific actions along the way. Identify and resolve problems before they impact your business and ensure that production systems stay that way.

    Key takeaways of this webinar:

    • Learn why Gartner is saying “Testing is the New Monitoring.”
    • How to improve business outcomes and user experience with your initiative
    • How to maintain control and app performance, on-prem or in the cloud
    • How to ensure your digital workspaces are delivering positive end-user experiences

    Recorded on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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