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LoadRunner Alternative

Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI and SBC performance & scalability testing and has proven to be a very good alternative for the more complex and expensive LoadRunner tools.

Login VSI: the LoadRunner Alternative to load testing VDI

Login VSI is the industry standard for VDI and SBC performance & scalability testing. It is used by all major hardware and software vendors and many of the world’s leading enterprise companies. Login VSI-based test results are published in hundreds of technical white papers, reference architectures and validated designs. It’s the dominant choice within end-user organizations, system integrators, and hosting providers.

Easy to understand testing environment your management will prefer

Login VSI works with a small number of industry accepted statistics, giving a comprehensive way to communicate the performance of a system. VSIbase reflects the baseline performance without load, while VSImax shows the maximum number of users that a system can support with an acceptable performance. Both are displayed in easy to understand dashboards.

Simple to use load generator for load, performance and scalability testing

Login VSI works with industry standard out-of-the-box user workloads reflecting very typical end-user types: task, office, knowledge, power, multimedia. These standard workloads allow you to quickly perform load tests with a simulated user community that reflects your real user community. You are up and running, and testing in a few hours. Custom workloads can be easily developed for specific customer requirements.

Cost-effective alternative for VDI/SBC performance testing

Login VSI is not only easier to use, easier to understand, and the industry standard for VDI testing, it could also just be a very cost-effective alternative for LoadRunner.

We invite you to try it for yourself, request a free trial today.