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VDI Performance Testing (2)

Avoid problems. Test with Login VSI.

  • The industry-standard load-testing tool
  • Generate large numbers of synthetic users
  • Test & protect the performance and scalability of VDI, SBC and DaaS deployments.

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Never be surprised by unexpected performance issues

Spend less time sweating the "what ifs", and more time working on the important stuff. With Login VSI, you'll have:

  • Absolute knowledge on your infrastructure's maximum user capacity
  • The ability to predict the impact of updates in advance
  • An insight into what happens when everybody logs in at the same time

Improved performance means improved VDI environments

Our software solutions are the industry standard in load-testing for virtual desktop environments.
By simulating realistic user workloads, you can test:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)
  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • Microsoft RDS
  • VMware Horizon View
  • And many other hosted desktop solutions

Avoid problems with Login VSI:

Login VSI offers a suite of software solutions to help provide the best possible user-experience
and application performance in any type of centralized Windows environment: VDI/SBC/DaaS/Fat clients.

  • Test the impact of changes on VDI performance.
  • Know your maximum user capacity by load testing.
  • Benchmark different solutions and make the right decisions.
  • Optimize capacity by right-sizing your VDI infrastructure.



Our Solution Suites

Enterprise Edition

  • Helps every organization using VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • Protects desktop and application user experience
  • Improves scalability, performance and availability
  • Includes proven solutions Login VSI & Login PI
  • A must for all that want to prevent VDI problems

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Enterprise Edition XL

  • Helps every organization using VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • Offers same benefits as the Enterprise Edition
  • Also offers bulk application compatibility testing
  • Includes solutions Login VSI, Login PI & Login AT
  • Especially fit for all with many applications in VDI

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Vendor Edition

  • Helps IT vendors focused on VDI, SBC or DaaS
  • Supports R&D staff to build fast, stable solutions
  • Allows marketing to communicate specifications
  • Includes Login VSI, industry standard VDI testing
  • A must for IT vendors serious about performance

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What the industry is saying

  • Manoj Doshi - Aetna

    "Login VSI gives you a true picture of performance in your environment, whether you’ve built it right or need to make changes. When you don’t have room for mistakes, Login VSI provides you with the confidence and assurance that the environment is going to work."

    Manoj Doshi, Director - Client Technology Innovation at Aetna

  • Bill Kleyman - EPAM Systems

    "From the engineering perspective and from the architecture perspective, we absolutely love the technology behind Login VSI. We actually use Login VSI as a pro-active tool to help our customers understand the dynamic nature of a datacenter and the business."

    Bill Kleyman, Director of Tech Solutions at EPAM Systems

  • Nick Couper - Bet365

    "LoginVSI is an essential tool for our company which enables us to load test our virtual desktop environment so that we can capacity plan with confidence. We would struggle to benchmark our systems without it."

    Nick Couper, IT Services Delivery Manager at Bet365

  • Eddy Zeehuisen - Gemeente Utrecht

    “We didn’t want any surprises within our operating IT environment. Login VSI has brought up several performance improvements in the infrastructure. These were addressed together with the implementer and the various vendors.”

    Eddy Zeehuisen, Program Manager U-Cloud at Gemeente Utrecht (Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

  • Maarten Bruijnesteijn - PPG

    "We are using Login VSI for hardware scaling. By testing the number of users that can run on our environment, we know the amount of hardware that we will need upfront. We also use Login VSI in our production acceptance process to test changes to the system to evaluate changes to the environment."

    Maarten Bruijnesteijn, System Software Analyst at PPG Industries


What our customers are saying

Andrew Mills - Nutanix

“Predictability is a key piece to VDI. It’s one of reasons that VDI has scared people away, but Login VSI solves that. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Login VSI really gives that rubber stamp on doing it right.”

Andrew Mills, VDI Alliances Manager at Nutanix




Start using Login VSI today

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