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    Announcing Login Enterprise Release 4.7

    The Login VSI product team wants you to know that we just released Login Enterprise version 4.7.5 to general availability.

    The big theme of this release is ‘user experience.’ Not necessarily the user experience we are so well known for measuring, but the user experience feedback we have gotten from so many of our customers.

    This release is full of enhancements that relate to the Login Enterprise Web User Interface and how we can save you time and make it even easier to use. Ultimately we want you to go from setup to testing in less than an hour.

    Two new enhancements that everyone has been waiting for:

    1. Review Load Test Results During the Test
    2. Duplicate Test Configuration to New Test

    Review Load Test Results During the Test

    Reviewing load test results during the test allows the user to investigate any application errors and response times that help decide how to remediate or whether or not to continue with the test… these are timesavers for sure.

    This new feature is demonstrated in this 30-second video:

    Duplicate Test Configuration to New Test

    Setting up a test is important. You need to decide which hosts and applications to connect to and test, what type of schedule to use, and which statistics you want to track and set thresholds. Our customers have some very comprehensive tests that they have spent a lot of time perfecting.

    Now, instead of creating a new test from scratch, you can duplicate a Continuous Test, Load Test, and Application Test, change some of the items you wish, and voila, you have another test, and you saved a lot of time creating it.

    Login VSI Blog - Announcing Login Enterprise Release 4.7
    Login VSI Blog - Announcing Login Enterprise Release 4.7

    Under the hood

    Aside from many useability features and enhancements, we have also updated the Virtual Appliance OS to Debian 10, and our external database feature now supports encrypting SQL traffic with SSL.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Login Enterprise release, please review the release notes.

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    Blair Parkhill

    Blair Parkhill (@SANspyder) joined Login VSI in the summer of 2015 as the director of products. Blair has been a marketing leader, avid architect and supporter of customer-focused technology solutions and technical marketing since the late 1990s. Residing in tiny homes located in the mountains of Colorado and jungles of Costa Rica, he tries to spend as much time as he can traveling, playing music, exploring the jungle, walking on beaches, and hiking in the mountains – when he’s not playing with the product, geeking out with the latest tech, presenting, testing or blogging.