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    Automating a 25-minute Manual Test at AWL with Login Enterprise

    AWL is a system integrator and a specialist in designing and constructing smart (modular) machines.

    They describe themselves as a machine builder with a social heart – a global player with a local soul. Their customers are their collaboration partners. With many facilities all over the world, different cultures and languages learn from each other and collaborate together on solutions.

    AWL is strong in joining technologies, logistics automation, and assembly techniques. The company focuses on the automotive, metalworking, and logistics industries, where high levels of automation and a high degree of flexibility are essential. With facilities in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, China, Mexico, United States, and the United Kingdom, they deliver cutting-edge technology worldwide.

    The digital workspace at AWL is built on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) platform that allows their designers to work with 3D CAD applications remotely. The challenge for AWL was how to get insights into application performance, especially over time. With every change in their IT environment, they had to extensively test their CAD systems for functionality and performance to ensure that their IT systems were getting better, not worse. These manual tests took 20 to 30 minutes on average per run, and it wasn’t easy to get consistent measurements.

    Watch the video and learn how Login Enterprise helped AWL solve their workspace challenges:

    Login Enterprise took away all these challenges and allowed AWL to continuously test the compatibility of applications in a fully automated manner. It provides insight into performance after changes to the desktop infrastructure, both in pre-production and production. Login Enterprise delivers reports that are clear and simple, enabling AWL to make quick decisions on whether to move forward with changes or dive deeper into specific application settings to see how to improve performance.

    “By using Login Enterprise we can exactly see what performance does over time, we can see the impact of changes and improve our end-user experience,” said Marcel van Dorp, IT architect at AWL.

    Login Enterprise catches productivity problems early in the change management process and prevents breaking changes from reaching production systems. It increases the effectiveness of the change process and prevents loss of end-user experience.

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