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    Citrix Recommends Login VSI

    A few months ago Nick Rintalan, a Managing Director and Principal Architect at Citrix, published an article

    providing recommendations and guidance on how to estimate how many users or virtual machines (VMs) can be supported on a single physical host.

    This is commonly referred to by Citrix as “single-server scalability” (SSS). The article covers several of the variables that influence Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) SSS. He provides recommendations for sizing and testing various SSS environment. One of his key recommendations was:

    “Citrix recommends using Login VSI…to validate [test] results,

    especially before purchasing hardware or making any financial decisions.”

    – Nick Rintalan, Managing Director and Principal Architect, Citrix

    The only way to truly understand CVAD SSS is to utilize a scalability testing platform like Login VSI. Citrix recommends using this guidance and these simple rules to estimate SSS quickly. You can learn more about how Login VSI can help you plan for your VDI environment here. You can read the rest of the Citrix article here.

    For more information, please visit our page on VDI Planning.

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    Paul Campaniello

    Paul Campaniello is the Vice President of Global Marketing at Login VSI. He is responsible for global marketing and communications, including GTM strategy, sales enablement, brand management, product marketing, demand generation, and analyst & public relations. Paul has held senior marketing roles at a variety of technology companies and he holds both a BS and a MBA from Bentley University.