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Citrix StoreFront Connection Issue – Trusted Domains Only

At Login VSI Support, we sometimes see tickets where customers are having trouble connecting the Login VSI Launcher to Citrix StoreFront. My colleague Jeffrey Hsieh already wrote a helpful blog about the most common Citrix StoreFront errors and how to avoid them during a Login VSI test.

Often I notice Login VSI customers are experiencing the “getting authentication token for resources” error because of the “trusted domains” setting. In this blog I will describe why this error occurs and how to quickly resolve it.

citrix storefront connection issue trusted domains only error getting authentication token for resources

Error getting authentication token for resources

The error message in the screenshot above doesn’t contain any specific data on why authentication failed. If you are using Citrix StoreFront the first thing that I would check is the StoreFront webpage.

Does the webpage contain a domain list? If so, this is the most likely cause of the authentication issue.

citrix storefront connection issue trusted domains only receiver for web

Domain list on the Citrix Receiver for Web page

Trusted Domains Only

As of Citrix StoreFront 2.6, it is possible to add a domain list to the logon form. This saves you time because when you log in you don’t have to write down the domain in the user name field (like domainusername). But this also means that Login VSI connection strings that add the domain to the username field are no longer accepted.

citrix storefront connection issue trusted domains only studio configure trusted domains

You can configure trusted domains in the Citrix Studio

How to solve this issue

The solution is quite simple. In this case we only need to modify the connection string in the Command line field of the Login VSI Management Console:


citrix storefront connection issue trusted domains only command line old

"{VSISHARE}_VSI_BinariesConnectorsSFConnect.exe" /url https:///Citrix/Store /user {domain}{username} /password {password} /resource "My Desktop"


citrix storefront connection issue trusted domains only command line new

"{VSISHARE}_VSI_BinariesConnectorsSFConnect.exe" /url https:///Citrix/Store /user {username} /password {password} /domain {domain} /resource "My Desktop"

Please note the separate /domain parameter. After making this small change, the Login VSI Launcher is able to logon the sessions successfully to your Citrix test environment.

About the author
Jordi Volkers

Jordi Volkers (@jordivolkers) joined the Login VSI team in 2015 as a Support Engineer. He is a real techie guy and loves to automate IT as much as possible to make life easier for our customers. Among his colleagues he is well known for his sense of humor. In his spare time he enjoys to watch TV shows and movies.

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