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    Dealing with Downtime – Digitalisation World Talks to Login VSI

    Digitalisation World spoke with Michael Kent, CTO at Login VSI on (the future of) VDI

    As well as the buzz around Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), and the importance of measuring and monitoring performance to ensure maximum uptime

    Virtual desktop solutions are mainly adopted by large or small organizations, delivering many applications. The slightest performance issue instantly affects countless employees. Downtime causes many problems downstream, from productivity loss to opportunities missed to a damaged reputation.

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    Virtual desktop solutions are mainly adopted by organizations large and small

    In the interview, Michael discusses why monitoring and testing the IT environment – and how users interact with it – is so critical. While traditional monitoring systems tend to look at it from the back end (how is my RAM, CPU status, etc.), this does not necessarily translate to what users are genuinely experiencing. Have you ever been in a situation where all monitoring is green, yet a user could not log in?

    Testing and monitoring from the outside in, from the user’s perspective, always shows the big picture. Especially nowadays, with employees working from home and so many changes and updates are happening so quickly. How do you ensure what you’re going to release to production won’t break your workforce’s productivity?

    Login Enterprise is a single software platform that offers application acceptance testing, scalability, and benchmark testing, and continuous production testing, all from one place. Continuously measuring and monitoring an environment with synthetic users offers predictive capabilities and alerts on dropping application performance, platform availability, and slow logonss.

    It provides insights and analytics you would like to have before pushing changes to your production environment. In other words, it helps you keep pace with all the changes in an ever-shifting world, preventing them from impacting the business.

    Login Enterprise works on every platform, such as Citrix, VMware, and Windows Virtual Desktop. Especially if you’re looking into WVD, make sure to check out our Starter Kit to guide you through your WVD implementation.

    About the author
    Gary Franke

    Gary Franke is a Marketing Programs Manager at Login VSI. He is responsible for programs in Western Europe and helps to build the sales pipeline – ultimately growing the Login VSI customer base. Gary is an entrepreneurial marketing professional with many years of experience in different industries, both business and consumer facing.

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