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    Debugging Login PI Workloads

    Login PI offers two out of the box workloads to monitor your virtualized desktop environment from the perspective of an end-user. These workloads use the same applications as your regular users like native Windows and Microsoft Office apps, but it’s also possible to customize the workloads. When you create a new workload in Login PI you can run into several issues. In this blog I will provide some tips and tricks to debug your customized workloads.

    There are usually three common issues with workload errors, from a simple typo, to focusing on the wrong window or using the wrong parameters. By default Login PI generates warnings to help you isolate the issues in the workload. These warnings can be found in the Windows Event Viewer, Login PI web interface but also on the console of the launcher itself.

    1. Event Viewer

    Typos can be easily located by opening the Event Viewer and clicking on “PI – Alerts”. In the example below I wrote “MSPaint.ex” instead of “MSPaint.exe”. This is just a small typo but it will definitely cause errors in your workload.

    debugging login pi workloads event viewer

    Alerts in the Event Viewer

    2. Login PI Dashboard

    In the Login PI Dashboard you can find alerts that indicate that the workload is focusing on the wrong window. In this case I have misconfigured the title of the Calculator. Instead of using Calculator I used “Calculating”. The timeout appears in the Alerts Panel of the dashboard.

    debugging login pi workloads alerts panel

    Alerts in the Login PI Dashboard (logname/executable/title)

    3. Console on the Launcher

    An error like “Invalid parameter count” is visible in the console on the launcher.

    debugging login pi workloads console on the launcher

    Invalid parameter count in the console on the launcher

    Workload Debugging

    These three places will help you to locate the root cause of the most common workload issues, but sometimes these warnings require additional information. To gather more details about what Login PI is doing you can enable Engine and Workload debugging. This can be enabled in the database:

    1. Open the MS SQL Management Studio and go to the Login PI database.

    2. Edit the table dbo.WorkloadSettings

    debugging login pi workloads dbo workloadsettings

    3. Change the EngineDebug and WorkloadDebug value to true

    debugging login pi workloads enginedebug workloaddebug true

    After enabling debugging, the Login PI engine will be displayed in red instead of green within the session. During the session Login PI will now write all actions into the debug folder. The debug folder can be found in the temp directory of the virtual user (%Temp%\PI\DebugLogging).

    debugging login pi workloads console on the launcher debug status bar

    The default status bar and with debugging enabled

    In case you are not able to locate a workload issue with debugging enabled, our support team is always willing to help you!

    About the author
    Jasper Geelen

    Jasper Geelen (@jaspergeelen) has a background in ICT and joined Login VSI as a pre-sales engineer in 2015. He loves drinking a lot of coffee (some might call him an addict). In his spare time, Jasper enjoys a beer and he is part of a football / soccer team. He also coaches a team of younger football players.