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    Detect and avoid VDI performance problems

    Building an integrated testing scenario to detect and avoid VDI performance problems

    The company Login VSI sells a complete software solution to help digital workspace managers to optimize and safeguard the performance and availability of their virtual desktop production environments. Performance and availability are key dimensions of a good end-user experience and therefore very important for organizations with business-critical applications on VDI.

    Login VSI is the industry standard testing tool to benchmark, load-test and plan capacity for Windows-based virtual desktop environments. In addition, Login PI verifies your virtual desktop infrastructure performance and availability 24/7, without the need for real end-user activity.

    A smart combination of these two solutions is created and used by some of our more mature customers with the goal to build a comprehensive testing regime to fully protect their business-critical applications from performance problems and availability failures, often caused by change.

    Detect and avoid VDI performance problems

    In this scenario the load testing capability of Login VSI is used in combination with the continuity testing capability of Login PI to create a comprehensive change impact analysis environment:

    1. To start Login VSI is used to establish a performance baseline by executing a pre-change load test simulating the intended number of real concurrent users expected on the system.
    2. After each of the planned changes, the same tests are repeated to determine if there is an unacceptable performance impact as a result of the change. If so, the changes will be rolled back before real users are affected.
    3. Login PI is used to constantly (24/7/365) test and therefore detect potential performance impact of possible unplanned changes (caused by automatic software updates or human error).
    4. Login PI is also used to detect and predict potential gradual deterioration of VDI performance which could be a result of a gradual pollution of disks and other resources.
    5. Login VSI is used to post-test after all regular (weekly or monthly) patch implementations, using a realistic concurrent user load, to detect problems before they affect the real users.

    A large bank in The Netherlands has created this scenario in their VDI production environment.

    About the author
    Frans Wauters

    My name is Frans Wauters, I’m the Worldwide Marketing Director at Login VSI. I’m active in IT for many years now. After five years in IT sales I moved to IT marketing, which after many years is still my passion. I had the privilege to work in Silicon Valley, Barcelona and Romania, but am now very happy living in The Netherlands. My goal at Login VSI is to recognize, explain and communicate the business benefits of our great technology so we help to make the VDI world a safer place. In case of questions or remarks, you can best reach me, and the rest of my team, at