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    Endpoint Verification Testing

    What if you could ship a device to your employee and verify that applications and connections work properly before the employee starts using the device?

    For me, it would speed up the onboarding process tremendously. Not only that, but I could ensure better results, which is always the ultimate goal in a good IT process.

    Organizations often forget the importance of onboarding an employee. Onboarding is more than just delivering a device and applications. It’s making sure they have everything they need to do their job, checking if they can access specific documents and functionality in applications, and securely perform their job without going through too many hoops. How the IT workspace performs influences employee productivity. If employees are frustrated, their productivity and wellbeing can plummet.

    Not all employees are tech-savvy, and some require more handholding than others to get started. With the shift to remote working, physically visiting someone can be impossible, and guiding them through their new or upgraded workspace can be time-consuming.

    For example – say I am configuring Outlook for an employee. I go into Outlook for the first time. Input some settings, load the mailbox, and pat myself on the back. A job well done. But is the job finished?

    Well, if my responsibility was to configure Outlook, yes, but from a business perspective, that’s not where it ends. You are setting up Outlook so that an employee can send an email message, set a calendar invite, dismiss reminders, etc. If you did not walk through each of these steps, you are assuming a specific risk to what degree depends upon the business’s reliance on that tool from a revenue perspective. Outlook is just an example, and there are 100s of applications on average that your organization utilizes.

    With all the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions out there, you can automate almost all application installations, but typically, that’s where it stops. To truly know if someone can do their job is the next step.

    Login VSI - Blog - Endpoint Verification Testing - Test a multitude of applications a day with Login Enterprise

    Maximize your desktop and application performance with Login Enterprise.

    Nowadays, employees will often have their work laptops delivered to them at home instead of going to the office. In this process, no hand-over will occur from IT, and employees are left on their own to finish configuration on their device and check if they can access everything they need. In many instances, this comes with challenges, and employees will find out when it’s least convenient that something doesn’t work and need to get in contact with IT. This can be a big impact on productivity.

    We don’t like to assume anything and believe you should take additional steps, but in an automated and cost-effective way – introducing the Endpoint Verification Testing capabilities of Login Enterprise.

    With Endpoint Verification Testing, you can automate the handholding process. A device can be configured through an MDM solution, which will set up user accounts, devices, and configuration within the Windows Operating system. Login Enterprise will take this a step further into the testing phase. After your setup, our virtual user will log in to the user session in YOUR employee’s context and test out all of the applications they rely on for function and performance.

    Next to the fact that Login Enterprise creates a performance baseline of the device, it can verify that an employee can access locally installed applications or SaaS applications based on their persona and even check if they can perform tasks within those applications.

    Login VSI - Blog - Endpoint Verification Testing - Test a multitude of applications a day with Login Enterprise

    Test a multitude of applications a day with Login Enterprise.

    Just as important as functionality is security, and even though we set up all security software correctly, are we sure it landed on the device as we intended? In the dynamic world of IT, things can change at any time, and misconfigurations happen for various reasons. Endpoint Verification Testing checks the result of all underlying technology from the user’s perspective to ensure security software is doing its job.

    Login Enterprise is well known for its capability to proactively determine when performance and availability are at risk, enabling IT to take action before a situation arises. We save organizations time and money and prevent end-user headaches by proactively identifying issues with their IT workspaces. Our virtual users can run 24×7 and safeguard applications and infrastructure on physical and virtual desktops.

    About the author
    Perparim Bislimi

    Perparim Bislimi has over 15 years of experience in IT service delivery, hands-on experience in various disciplines ranging from support to consultancy training. Perparim also holds years of experience as a lead engineer/Solution Architect for large enterprises. He is responsible for helping our prospects and customers get value from Login Enterprise, answering technical questions, and presenting our solutions. Follow Perparim on Twitter.