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    Healthcare Symposium: Keeping Your (EMR) Applications Online During a Pandemic

    It’s on! in less than two weeks, our first healthcare symposium will go live, and you can still join.

    This year, healthcare organizations have shifted and adapted to a remote model outside the traditional office setting at an unprecedented speed.

    An incredible transformation, but we can’t help to wonder: Are all the solutions, environments, and devices that have quickly been put into place to solve an immediate need up to standard when it comes to, e.g., performance, availability, security, and compliance? One of the few of the topics experts from the frontline will discuss during this symposium.

    Work from home is the new norm globally. How has this affected: remote infrastructure, migrating to the cloud, and end-user experience on EHR systems such as EPIC, Cerner, MEDITECH, and ChipSoft? Testing and validating your remote infrastructure is crucial, be it EUC technologies like Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, or Microsoft RDS and WVD.

    Will this impose more challenges for the healthcare industry as the workforce paradigm continues? The experts will discuss how to manage such changes, and should this situation persist, how to streamline it and provide the most desirable outcome. Compliance and change management protocols in a remote workforce require even more testing than a centralized workforce.

    Our customer panel includes IT experts from large healthcare institutions: DJ Eshelman, Citrix Expert, Thrive-IT / Children’s Hospital, and author of “Just Do This” (all registrants will receive a unique promo code for 15% off-book purchase), John Clemson, Manager of Technology Strategy, Cambia Health Solutions and Chris van Werkhoven, CTO Digital Workspace at Login Consultants.

    Topics that we will discuss:

    • Future of end-user computing and virtual desktops
    • Trends and best practices to minimize disruptions
    • Biggest technology challenges when working from home
    • How to make more informed and safer decisions
    • Questions and feedback from the audience

    Are you excited to join? I hope to see you on December 2nd!

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