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    Introducing the Login VSI Knowledge Base

    Best Practices and Helpful Articles from our Services Team

    Login VSI helps to achieve the best user experience in your Digital Workspace environments.  Our Support Services team has a similar mission: provide our customers with the best support experience.  With this dedication in mind, we have been hard at work to create an online Knowledge Base portal for our customers.  You now can access knowledge that was previously exclusive to only our engineering staff.

    We have outlined many helpful articles ranging from ‘Known issues’ to ‘Utilization of external tooling to accommodate specific use cases’.  Below are a few examples of what you can do with the Knowledge Base.  We’ve also built in additional options for self service, to further enable our customers to receive the best value for their investment.

    The Knowledge Base gives you access to:

    • Technical articles
    • Known issues and hotfixes
    • Access to tooling we use
    • Support and services case management

    Accessing the Login VSI Knowledge Base

    From our homepage, click on “Support” from the navigation menu, and select “Knowledge Base”.

     Knowledge Base SLA reporting

    Once on the Knowledge Base, you will find topics broken down into our three product offerings.

    Knowledge Base image2

    Submitting Support Requests

    From the Knowledge Base you can manage your support incidents and submit new requests.  In the past, this has was accomplished mainly via email.  With the Knowledge Base, we provide you with an interface to manage your support requests and your current service engagements with our engineers.

     Select “Submit a request” from the top of the navigation on the knowledge Base website.

    Knowledge Base image3

    Complete and submit the form. It always expedites the troubleshooting effort if you can upload your log files with the tickets so we can start troubleshooting immediately. The form includes instructions where you can find the log files for our products.

    Knowledge Base Form image3a

    Managing Your Incidents

    To manage your support/services requests you’ll need to sign up for an account.

    Knowledge Base image4

    If you’ve already created an account, you can “Sign In”

    Knowledge Base image5

    This will enable you to manage your support & service requests from the web portal.

    Knowledge Base image6

    If you currently have open activities with Login VSI, you can now manage your requests from this Knowledge Base.  If you select “My activities” from the user sub-menu you will see a list of all your requests.

    Knowledge Base image7

    If you are managing the Login VSI activities for your organization and copied on a request, you can also get an overview of the requests from your colleagues.

    We hope you find the Login VSI Knowledge Base useful. Try it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below – we’d love to get your feedback!

    About the author
    Brian Martynowicz

    Brian is Login VSI’s Director of Customer Services. He is responsible for ensuring operational excellence in supporting and implementing our solutions within customer environments. Having worked in IT consulting for the last 15 years he loves to share field engineering expertise, and customer services management experience with others. In his free time, you will find him blogging or producing vlogs for LinkedIn. His written content is syndicated on Citrixology.