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    Introducing Version 3.4 of Login PI

    What’s New & Different – Introducing Version 3.4 of Login PI

    We’ve updated Login PI, the benchmark in unplanned-change and gradual-deterioration detection for VDI. New features include improving the way information is collected & distributed, the way customized workloads are created & the way actual tests are executed.

    With the launch of Login PI in 2016, Login VSI introduced the concept of pro-active monitoring to the VDI world. In 2017, with Release 2, Login PI became the benchmark in unplanned-change and gradual-deterioration detection for VDI. In 2018, with Login PI Release 3, Login VSI emphasized its market leadership in VDI performance testing once more, introducing the brand-new concept of Deep Application Performance Testing™ for all applications running in VDI, SBC and Cloud. In 2019 we are extending our lead in desktop and application testing with the introduction of Version 3.4.

    Login PI 3.4 what’s new and different

    Login PI 3 not only introduced Deep Application Performance Testing, but also introduced a brand-new architecture and a brand-new interface (read the blogpost). With Version 3.4, Login PI not only has reached its functionality parity with Login PI 2 but is also introducing a number of new features that improve the way information is collected and can be distributed, the way customized workloads are created, and the way the actual tests are executed.

    1. Enhanced information provision

    The information on Login Performance already included was “Profile Load”, “GPO Processing” and “Total Login Time”. In Login PI 3.4 this information is augmented with “Display Protocol Connection”: information about the type of connections used (and therefore measured), such as RDP, Citrix, HDX, or Blast, DCO, and more.

    SLA Reports could already be generated in PDF format in Login PI 3. Login PI 3.4 introduces the ability to automatically e-mail them to selected lists of recipients.

    Login PI 3.4 offers improved real-time feedback during tests. Login PI 3 already generated alerts for performance issues. Login PI 3.4 adds new alerts for login- and application failures.

    Login PI 3.4 introduces the export of test results into industry standard CSV files. This way the Login PI data can be further analyzed and displayed with 3rd party BI tools or other programs.

    2. Enhanced workflow creation

    The introduction of configurable screen resolution for RDP and Citrix allows for closer replication of certain real user environments where screen resolutions are not standard and/or static.

    In Login PI 3.4 the workloads are divided into logical blocks of functionality, making it possible to reorder application workflows with an easy to use drag and drop GUI. In fact there is no need to do any scripting when adding applications, or when (re)ordering them.

    The introduction of custom events in the workload language makes it possible to add your own timers into the workloads to measure responsiveness of specific custom parts of the workload if needed.

    3. Enhanced test execution

    Login PI 3.4 provides screenshots when an ‘error’ occurs during tests, making it easier to understand what exactly went wrong. Activates when Login PI for some reason cannot continue the next step in the workload in the expected and logical way. Previously Login PI already automatically restarted a new session but not yet collected and stored the historic information that could help understanding (and fixing) the issue.

    Not all errors are of the same importance and some can be ignored. The new ContinueOnError parameter allows the definition of all the exceptions where the engine should continue. For example, an empty patient record could cause an ‘error’ before, but can as of now be ignored.

    Login PI 3.4 and change management

    The accelerating flow of changes urge VDI desktop and application administrators to adopt structured change management protocols to secure the business continuity that modern organizations need. Login VSI is the only vendor in the market today offering a complete testing suite to be able to avoid potential problems due to planned changes, unplanned changes, gradual deterioration and disasters.

    The Login VSI Enterprise Edition combines Login PI for 24/7 continuity testing and Login VSI for load-testing into one complete change management solution. The Login VSI Enterprise Edition XL, aimed at organizations using many applications, also offers Login AT for application compatibility testing.


    The new features introduced in Login PI 3.4 further strengthen the position of Login PI for 24/7 continuity testing as the product of choice for all enterprises that want to improve the reliability and the performance of their virtual desktop (VDI) and applications environments.

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