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    Login Enterprise 4.10 Available Now

    We are excited to announce the latest release of the Login Enterprise Platform. Please read the full release to find out about several improvements and technology updates.

    Industry-Standard Workloads: 

    Our last release for this year packs quite a punch with the introduction of standardized workloads within Login Enterprise. Over the years, the Login VSI developed workloads have set the standard for representing a modern user on any VDI/SBC/DaaS platform, whether on-premises or in the cloud.  

    With the help of leading technology vendors, these workloads have been refreshed to reflect 2022 computer usage. For new installations, the workloads will appear automatically; when upgrading please check this Knowledge Base article. 

    These workloads are easy to adjust: prefer another default browser? Hit the switch. Not using one of the default applications? Just toggle it off. And finally, you can add your Line of Business (LOB) apps to see the impact on the environment or application performance every time you make a change. 

    Auto Updates for Web-automation Drivers

    Modern browsers like Edge, Firefox, or Chrome receive frequent updates, even in centralized environments where a non-privileged user works during the day, their browser might get updated.

    To ensure Login Enterprise can continue to work flawlessly with all updates, we have added the ability to grab updated drivers automatically. This function removes the need to manually download en upgrade the drivers each month, saving administrators valuable time.

    New API endpoints for End User Experience (EUX) Data

    The Login Enterprise API has been extended to retrieve additional root cause data after a test. This data will help establish whether the bottleneck for a test was CPU, memory, or storage. Development does not stop here. As a next step, we will add additional charts to Login Enterprise to show this data for those who do not prefer the API.


    Usability Improvements for the Script Editor

    The Login Enterprise script editor displays debug timestamps in the console output window, making it easier to troubleshoot scripting errors. There is also the option to save debug output to a file automatically.

    For a full list of updates, review the release notes.

    Download the Latest Version

    Existing customers may access the update files on the Login Enterprise Download page.