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    Login PI: A lean and mean monitoring machine

    The Login PI dev team has been hard at work for the last several months putting together a new release of Login PI, available now. We are constantly listening to customer feedback and looking for opportunities to improve our products and services. This results in products that enable customers to maximize the value of their VDI environments. In addition to stomping out a whole bunch of bugs, here are the key new features.

    Simplified Network requirements

    You can’t make it any simpler than this, Login PI needs just one network port open for all communication. Want to put Login PI Launchers in the cloud, or on a public network? Want to use our software to test cloud-hosted desktops? Login PI will work in virtually any common network scenario, without having to open a bunch of ports in your corporate firewall.

     login pi a lean and mean monitoring machine login pi server

    Login PI Server

    Improved Launcher and job stability

    With PI, it’s important that Launchers are stable and capable of running unattended for days or weeks at a time. The Login PI Launcher is now much more intelligent about tracking new jobs that have been started, cleaning up any jobs that fail or time out, and checking resource availability before attempting to launch too many jobs. Sessions will clean themselves up, so if something happens and a job stops running, the system can recover by itself and get new jobs running again without the need for an administrator. This all means more reliability for Login PI jobs and Launchers.
    In addition Login PI is now downloaded from the new Login PI Launcher Overview tab in the management console. There’s also a new launcher approval process that makes Login PI more secure by requiring an administrator to approve any launchers before they will become active.

    login pi a lean and mean monitoring machine launchers overview

    Login PI Launchers Overview

    Application Program Interface

    Recently we have been focusing on making it even easier for customers and partners to integrate the data collected by Login PI into the other consoles or tools they already use. Nearly everything that you do from the management console in Login PI can also be done programmatically by calling our API’s. This is primarily a feature for developers, and could be used in lots of ways, like automating the creation/pausing/starting of jobs from your own scripts, or querying a list of results or alerts from the Login PI database.

    login pi a lean and mean monitoring machine asp

    New dashboard preview

    Our development team has put a lot of work in to a great new interactive dashboard and new ways to display information about the health of your VDI environment. The new charts update in real-time, making this a great Operations Console to show the health of your environment at a glance. You can even change how the data is displayed so you see what’s important to you.

    Note: The dashboard beta represents a work in progress. This preview may not represent the final product when it releases.

     login pi a lean and mean monitoring machine login pi dashboard

    Login PI Dashboard

    Email alerts

    You can now have all the Alerts and Notifications automatically delivered to an email address. Customers can use this feature to have Login PI email alerts to their helpdesk ticketing software, which can then automatically create a trouble ticket. Admins can easily be notified of alerts without having to check a console.

    login pi a lean and mean monitoring machine email alert

    Login PI Email Alert

    Mouse click support in workload language

    When Login PI shipped, it only supported a subset of the workload commands supported in Login VSI. This was done to improve stability and reduce development time. Feedback from our customers told us that when they create custom workloads for their apps, they really needed the ability to click the mouse on the screen. So we listened and added it in the newest version of Login PI.


    We have done a lot in order to keep our products updated with the latest features. But this would not be possible without our community. So, lets agree on something: You guys keep giving us feedback and we’ll keep improving our products.

    About the author
    Adam Carter

    Adam Carter (@adambomb00) joined Login VSI in 2014 as a product manager working on new technologies. Adam lives in Seattle, where he enjoys listening to bands you’ve never heard of, roller derby, and coffee shops and happy hours where he can eavesdrop on Amazon and Microsoft employee conversations.