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    Login PI is Cloud Ready – Multi-Domain Enablement to Monitor Cloud-Hosted VDI

    I am proud to let you know that version 1.0.4 of Login PI is now available for immediate download on our website. This is a significant update from version 1.0.3, released late last year.


    Any Cloud, Anywhere

    One of the major new features in this version is multi-domain enablement. Regardless of where and how you access your remote / virtual desktop environment, Login PI is now cloud ready.

    monitor vdi datacenter ireland launcher tokyo branch office amsterdam

    With Login PI 1.0.4 it’s now possible to have your datacenter in Ireland, your Login PI Launcher in Tokyo and to monitor your branch office in Amsterdam.

    Previous releases of Login PI required all components (Login PI Server, Launchers, and Target environment) to have TCP connectivity to the Login PI Server and database, as well as SMB access to the Login PI file share. This made it difficult to use Login PI to monitor the end user experience of cloud-based desktops that may not have connectivity to the Login PI server.

    With this release, Launchers and Targets communicate using HTTP on ports 8080, 9090, and 9091 to access the Login PI server. The file share is removed and the target binaries are now downloaded over http at login time.

    This opens up several new scenarios for using Login PI to monitor your virtualized desktop environment:

    1. A cloud or hosted VDI / RDS environment being accessed from the corporate network can be monitored with Login PI installed on either the corporate network or the cloud.

    vdi desktops in the cloud login pi local

    2. Login PI Launchers can be hosted in the cloud, or outside the corporate network, and communicate with the Login PI server over just HTTP to launch jobs.

    login pi launchers in cloud server and vdi desktops on-premises

    3. Hosting partners with multiple VDI / SBC environments can now monitor them all from a single Login PI installation.

    multi-tenant monitoring from single login pi install

    Event Log Formatting

    We’ve also improved the way data is formatted in the Windows Event Log entries created by Login PI. This makes it easier to integrate Login PI alerts and notifications with other operations and reporting consoles like System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Splunk.

    Launcher Configuration

    The Login PI management console now displays better information about launcher authentication and jobs, making it easier to troubleshoot Launcher connectivity/activity issues.

    Improved Stability/Recoverability

    Addressed issues where Launchers would eventually become unresponsive and stop executing jobs until restarted.

    Get started with Login PI today

    You can download a trial of Login PI, have a demo from one of our engineers, or try it out yourself with our hands on labs. Visit https://www.loginvsi.com/login-pi-demo to get started.

    About the author
    Adam Carter

    Adam Carter (@adambomb00) joined Login VSI in 2014 as a product manager working on new technologies. Adam lives in Seattle, where he enjoys listening to bands you’ve never heard of, roller derby, and coffee shops and happy hours where he can eavesdrop on Amazon and Microsoft employee conversations.