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    Login PI Launcher Labels – How do they work?

    PLEASE NOTE: This article is now out-of-date. For an updated version, please refer to our Documentation area HERE.

    I get a lot of questions, both internally and from customers, about how Launcher filters work in Login PI. My colleague Mark Plettenberg recently wrote up a good description, which I’ve aggressively borrowed from to put this post together.

    When you install a Login PI Launcher, there’s an optional step in the install process to specify labels for the launcher. Labels are a quick way to filter and organize your Login PI launchers – especially if you have lots of them (some Login PI deployments include Launchers in every branch office, for example). You can think of these labels as description tags that allow you to filter the launchers that are displayed in the dashboard. You can specify as many labels as you’d like.

    After the setup, there’s no GUI to edit or change labels, but you can add them in the launcher configuration file: C:Program FilesLogin PIlauncherlauncher.exe.config. If you want to add multiple labels then comma separate them. In the snippet from a config file below, I’ve given this launcher labels for World, Canada, and Calgary. If I filter the launcher view in the dashboard using any of these labels, then this launcher will appear in the list.

    login pi launcher labels how do they work launcher config file

    To outline the possibilities of the filtering I have setup the following launchers with these corresponding labels:

    Launchername Labels
    Launcher1; World,Canada,Calgary
    Launcher2; World,Europe,Netherlands,Doesburg
    Launcher3; World,Europe,Netherlands,Amsterdam

    When using filtering, the machines that you want to use need to match all the labels that you specify in the filter. Here are some example screenshots showing which launchers will appear in the list, based on the labels provided.

    login pi launcher labels how do they work canada

    Only one launcher was tagged Canada, so it’s the only one that appears here.

    login pi launcher labels how do they work world netherlands

    We have two launchers tagged Netherlands, so they both show up here. I don’t really need the “world” label here, since all my launchers have the “world” tag, it’s redundant.

    login pi launcher labels how do they work world canada calgary

    Only one launcher matches all three labels, so it’s the only one displayed now.

    As you can see, labels are pretty easy to set up and use in Login PI. I hope that this blog will help you to organize and filter all of your Login PI Launchers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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