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    Login VSI and Login PI demos by the Product Managers

    Hey, Adam here, the Login PI Product Manager. I was visiting our Amsterdam office recently, and together with my colleague Mark, the Login VSI Product Manager, we shot some informational videos all about the products Login VSI and Login PI.

    If you’re not sure which product is right for you, the video will help make that clearer. If you want to see a quick demo of what the products look like and the results they produce, you can find that in the videos too.

    Go take a look, you can find them here:

    The VDI Lifecycle: Login VSI and Login PI

    Login PI Product Demo

    Login VSI Product Demo

    About the author
    Adam Carter

    Adam Carter (@adambomb00) joined Login VSI in 2014 as a product manager working on new technologies. Adam lives in Seattle, where he enjoys listening to bands you’ve never heard of, roller derby, and coffee shops and happy hours where he can eavesdrop on Amazon and Microsoft employee conversations.