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[Press Release] Login VSI Announces Login PI 1.6 with New Secure API

Integration of virtual user performance data into third-party analysis and monitoring tools drives predictive digital user experience analytics

Login VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today announced the immediate availability of Login PI 1.6. This new release of the Login PI software includes new dashboard and scheduling features, and a new secure Application Programming Interface (API). The Login PI Secure API makes it easier for IT and I&O departments to integrate Login PI virtual user data into other third-party tools, such as Splunk and SCOM, where it can be tracked and analyzed—ultimately providing both IT and I&O teams with predictive digital user experience analytics.

Login PI is an advanced performance measuring system that employs virtual users to simulate your end-users’ actual digital experience. Login PI’s virtual users perform the same actual work tasks that real users would, but in a consistent, measurable fashion. Login PI records how long it takes each virtual user to complete each task step, and any delays or outages trigger alerts that enable administrators to correct the issue, often before end-users even notice.

The new Login PI Secure API enables customers to integrate Login PI virtual user data into other popular tools. For example, Login PI data could be fed to a Splunk Predictive Analytics dashboard where it could drive insight into future VDI capacity planning needs. Or, Login PI alerts could automatically generate helpdesk trouble tickets before end-users even notice there’s a problem.

“Traditional application performance management tools are reactive, generating important metrics but without taking end-user digital experience into consideration,” said Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO, Login VSI. “Our vision for Login PI is to provide enterprises with predictive digital user experience analytics that prevents performance problems before real users encounter them, and Login PI 1.6 is a big step toward that goal.”

Other new features in Login PI 1.6 include UI improvements to the Login PI dashboard, a streamlined configuration process, and more intuitive scheduling options for Login PI tests.

Login PI 1.6 is available for immediate download. For more information, visit the Login VSI blog.

Visit the Login VSI Support site for detailed Release Notes regarding the new features in Login PI 1.6.

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