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    Login VSI Named as a Technology Innovator by the Digital Enterprise Journal

    We are very pleased to be named as a 2020 technology innovator by the Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ).

    DEJ brings together the most advanced concepts from analyst research and media industries with publications driven by survey research across major B2B technologies.

    Their recent research, Technology Innovation Snapshot – Overviews of Key Vendor Briefings, is an overview of select briefings DEJ conducted with technology vendors. The article analyzes vendors’ announcements, market position and an alignment with key findings of DEJ’s research. Login VSI was highlighted in this research note, as follows:

    Login VSI’s unique approach for managing the quality of user experience is well aligned with key requirements for managing modern, fast-changing IT environments. More importantly, DEJ’s research shows that there is a strong correlation between Login VSI’s value proposition and key business goals that organizations are looking to achieve.

    DEJ’s Research Note, “Digital Experience Monitoring – the Main Scoreboard for IT Transformation” shows that the customer experience is the only real measure of IT departments’ success in the digital economy. From the technology perspective, the DEM is consisted of multiple sub-markets that include monitoring from inside and outside of firewall, synthetic and real user monitoring, monitoring from a browser, user device, etc. Login VSI takes a completely unique approach for ensuring optimal performance of IT services as measured from the end-user perspective. The company’s solution leverages the network of more than 600,000 synthetic virtual users that emulate real-user sessions, application usage, logins, etc. This approach allows organizations to close the monitoring gap between the IT and the business users while eliminating some shortcomings of traditional DEM solutions, both from visibility and management perspectives.

    DEJ’s recent study, “13 Key Trends Transforming the IT in 2020”, shows 2.7 times increase in new technology deployments since 2016, while 68% of organizations reported increased customer expectations for engagement and experience. As the velocity and pace of change in IT environments is continuously increasing and ensuring optimal user experience is becoming more challenging, taking a proactive approach for managing application performance is becoming critically important. DEJ’s 2019 study, “The Roadmap to Becoming a Top Performing Organization in Managing IT Operations”, shows that TPOs are experiencing a 79% success rate in preventing performance issues before users are impacted, as compared to 39% for all others. As a result, TPO have 96% more IT resources available for innovation and growth.

    Read full report here


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