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    [Press Release] Login VSI method achieves official patent status


    An important next step for the de-facto industry standard in VDI performance testing

    Boston, United States – October 16th, 2017: Login VSI (www.loginvsi.com), the industry leader in VDI and SBC performance testing, is proud to announce that the unique Login VSI methodology is now officially patented. After a four-year filing process, the formal patent has been awarded as of October 10, 2017. In addition to the method the patent protects widely used metrics such as VSImax, VSIbase and the VSI threshold, used by all major IT vendors in VDI reference architectures and presentations.

    Abstract of the patent

    “A method is disclosed for simulating user load and evaluating performance and/or capacity of SBC or VDI datacenter infrastructure. The method runs workloads on a virtual desktop infrastructure for an increasing number of virtual users. When the average response time of the infrastructure to perform operations exceeds a predetermined threshold, the number of simulated users at that time may be considered the capacity of the infrastructure.”

    The complete text of the patent

    For the complete description of the patent please go to: http://patft.uspto.gov

    For more information about this press release, please contact us at marketingteam@loginvsi.com. For more information about the company Login VSI and our products, please visit www.loginvsi.com, and follow us on Twitter @loginvsi.