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    Login VSI Technology Advocates and Experts 2020

    A few years ago, Login VSI initiated a program to recognize individuals who have developed and displayed extensive knowledge of the Login VSI software solutions and contribute to the End-User Computing (EUC) Community.

    The program introduces two types of recognition: Login VSI Technology Advocate (LVTA), created for communicators that actively contribute to the education of the rest of the EUC community, and Login VSI Technology Expert (LVTE), reserved for the elite of the scalability and performance testing community, that have demonstrated a very in-depth knowledge and (large scale) application of the load-testing (and other tests) capabilities of Login VSI.

    Login VSI Technology Experts typically share their professional knowledge through reference architectures, validated designs, and other technical papers, often counting hundreds of pages and covering tests on extensive environments in specialized R&D labs.

    Login VSI Blog - Login VSI Technology Advocates and Experts 2020 - Technology Advocate 2020   Login VSI Blog - Login VSI Technology Advocates and Experts 2020 - Technology Expert 2020

    Technology Experts 2020

    Hilko Lantinga, Mike Brennan, Daniel Feller, and Frank Anderson

    Login VSI Technology Advocates typically share their knowledge and recommendations in technical blogs and presentations at industry events. Their regular contributions are done in public and are educational and valuable to the rest of the EUC Community. It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that the number of professionals has grown significantly in the technology advocate category.

    Technology Advocates 2020

    Tim Riegler, Nick Rintalan, Martin Zugec, Bob Allred

    Rob Beekmans, Steven Padron, Chris Twiest, Mike Breen

    Ruben Spruijt, Manfred Rothfusz, Mitchel Kerseboom, Chris Stack

    Ivan De Mes, Christiaan Brinkoff, Kees Baggerman, Jits Langedijk

    Sven Huisman, Jarian Gibson, Rob Girard, Rody Kossen

    Leee Jeffries, DJ Eshelman, Pete Downing, Kevin Bacon

    Thomas Poppelgaard, Vadim Lebedev, John Kennedy, Nicholas Busick

    Stephen Ziegenfuc, Patrick O’Brien, Jeff Nichols, Jim Moyle

    Ramesh Guduru, John McAbel, Matt Ramey, Stefan Georgiev

    Brian Barnes, John Kelly, Jose Perez, Johan van Amersfoort

    Chris van Werkhoven, Luke Webster, Evan Gaffney, Pieter Wigleven

    Suresh Thoppay, Carl Stalhood, Simon Townsend, Chandrakandh Mouleeswaran

    Mark Knouse, Tyler Rohrer, Dorian Henderson, Trond Haavarstein

    Stefan Dingemanse, Albert Lee, Bill Gray, Ben Laufer, Ryan Mangan

    Congratulations to all the recipients!

    We announce the winners every year, and the awards are valid for one year. All the recipients will receive a Login VSI certificate and a certificate logo for various online promotions.

    Not on the list? Would you like to be considered for next year? You can email us at marketing@loginvsi.com

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