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    [Press Release] Login VSI Unveils New Login PI Release with Network Latency Reporting

    Login PI 1.5 virtual users provide proactive performance insights before real users are affected

    Login VSI, the industry leader in providing proactive performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today unveiled the new release of Login PI. This enhanced version now provides 24/7 predictive data for both network latency and logon details. These new features let infrastructure & operations (I&O) teams measure and predict performance levels of their employee’s digital workspace to ensure it’s always operating at peak efficiency.

    Login PI provides these insights by simulating real users performing real tasks in the real desktop environment—so it does not disrupt productivity. The system records how long it takes to complete the various tasks and watches for any large discrepancies. It then displays the results in a user-friendly control panel and generates alerts based on those discrepancies.

    “Network latency is a common source of performance issues, yet it can be difficult to diagnose, often requiring IT to have someone locally available to diagnose the issues,” said Eric-Jan Van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. “Now with Login PI, system administrators can use the virtual user to quickly and proactively identify or rule out network latency as a source of application performance issues at the client-side, and resolve the issue before support tickets start flooding in.”

    Network Latency Reporting

    By measuring the network latency in milliseconds, administrators get a real-time understanding of how network conditions are impacting the end-user experience. With this new feature, administrators can:

    • View information on the quality of connection to the VDI—in addition to user experience on back-end systems
    • Pinpoint where slow performance is occurring—in the datacenter or in the network connection
    • Review additional performance metrics to correlate poor performance—including CPU, RAM and bandwidth consumption
    • Review network latency trends to and predict future performance

    This release also includes additional logon detail reporting, to further assist administrators in diagnosing performance issues.

    Unlike competing products, Login PI is platform-agnostic, working with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft VDI solutions. For more information on the new Login PI release, see Login VSI’s blog.