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    Login VSI Wins Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Finalist Award

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… except when you win a great award! We are honored to announce that we won a “Best of Citrix Synergy” award. Our entire product suite, consisting of Login VSI, Login PI and Login AM, was named a Finalist in the Desktop and Application Delivery category. A team of independent judges, including industry expert Brian Madden (@brianmadden), reviewed and evaluated the nominated products based on different criteria such as ease of use, innovation, functionality / performance, and value. The award was presented to Login VSI at Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas.

    A message from our CEO Eric-Jan van Leeuwen:

    “After winning a Best of VMworld Finalist award in 2014 for our product Login VSI, we are now very proud to have also won a Best of Citrix Synergy Finalist award for our entire product suite. Especially when you consider that our new product Login AM has played a major role in winning this award. This recognition by Citrix really confirms our efforts to help IT departments to deliver the best end user experience in virtualized desktop environments”.

    Best of Citrix Synergy

    From left to right: Tim Minahan (Citrix Chief Marketing Officer), Jeroen van de Kamp (Login VSI CTO), Rebecah Wiegardt (Login VSI Demand Generation Specialist) and industry expert Brian Madden.

    Best of Citrix Synergy

    The Login VSI team with our Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Finalist Award

    Why did we win this Best of Citrix Synergy award?

    Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop offer many features such as increased flexibility, better data management and improved security. But in the end, there is only one question that really matters in any Citrix deployment: what is the end user experience?

    The best Citrix user experience begins with a good performance. We developed a unique suite of software products (including Login VSI, Login PI, and now Login AM) that helps Citrix customers become successful with their virtualized desktop deployment in every phase of the Citrix Lifecycle, and manage the performance impact of changes.

    From testing to production, our products help to deliver a consistent and reliable end-user experience for XenApp and XenDesktop. Furthermore, with the new addition of Login AM, the centralized virtualized desktop environment can be fully managed and automated to reduce complexity, free IT resources and reduce errors and manual tasks.

    citrix lifecycle

    Citrix Lifecycle: deliver the best end user experience

    Login AM – Configure Changes

    When you need to configure any change (hotfixes, patches, updates), Login AM helps to move a copy of your production environment to your test lab so you can compare apples-to-apples when you need to troubleshoot issues. Login AM also helps to fully manage and automate the configuration of changes to your images to reduce complexity, free IT resources and reduce errors and manual tasks.

    Login VSI – Test & Validate Changes

    To measure is to know. To know the impact of any change in hardware or software before deployment to real users, you need to test. Login VSI helps by simulating virtual users with realistic user behavior to show you how many users a Citrix environment can support before performance starts to degrade.

    Login AM – Deploy Changes

    Every change that is approved with Login VSI can easily be deployed in your production environment with Login AM. This will make the life of any Citrix system administrator much easier.

    Login PI – Monitor and Alert

    After deploying an update in production, you want to make sure that everything keeps working consistently. That’s where Login PI comes in. Login PI gives you performance insights that help you get and stay ahead of trouble tickets by simulating a virtual user that constantly reports on performance and identifies performance issues or outage, instead of waiting for your real end-users to.

    Once you notice an issue in your Citrix environment, the cycle continues back to step one, configure changes to solve this issue with Login AM. This helps any Citrix administrator to deliver the best end-user experience in an ever-changing world.

    Deliver a consistent and reliable EUX

    Are you also interested in delivering a consistent and reliable end-user experience in your Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop (or VMware Horizon / Microsoft RDS) environment? Make sure to request a trial of our product suite today.

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