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    LoginVSInsights: August Newsletter

    Did you miss our latest monthly newsletter? Read this blog and get up-to-date on August’s key highlights.

    We recently launched a live demo of Login Enterprise, occurring every Wednesday. We also started a new quarterly training program. It is a two-day program occurring during US business hours and it is free to all customers. More information and registration are below. Additionally, be sure to join our webinar on How to Measure the Performance and Availability of SAP.

    White Paper: A Guide to VDI Change Management

    How testing protects business continuity to ensure your change plan is successful.

    Download this updated white paper on change management to learn how to:

    • Ensure uptime while implementing change
    • Maximize the end-user experience in a constantly changing environment
    • Leverage testing to guarantee a successful roll-out of your change management plan in both pre-production and production

    Webinar: Increase Efficiency also Reduce Cost and Risks with XLA’s for SAP

    Are you tasked with maintaining and reporting the performance of critical SAP applications? Are you frustrated that traditional monitoring systems do not provide insight into the real user experience?

    Our proprietary synthetic users work 24×7, consistently mimicking real user sessions and application interactions to ensure the predefined thresholds are not compromised. In this webinar, you will learn how you can safeguard business-critical application availability and avoid business stand-still.

    The key takeaways from this webinar:

    • Value of measuring performance and availability from the end-user perspective
    • Applying methods in management reporting
    • Practical tips to get started
    • Guideline to improve your change management process

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    Ongoing Education and Training

    Join our ongoing training designed to help you understand our solutions and equip you and your team with advanced Login Enterprise knowledge. We are offering multiple sessions, including intermediate and advanced training.

    Learn More

    Upcoming Virtual Events

    September 17: IGEL Disrupt EMEA

    September 22: UK Citrix User Group

    September 23: Hybrid IT Infrastructure

    September 25: Xenappblog Virtual Expo

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