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    LoginVSInsights: April Newsletter

    Read up on our April newsletter to help you keep updated on our latest news.

    We recently released a new version of Login Enterprise; more details are below. We will be launching a new training platform in May. Details about the new program and courses will be in our following newsletter. This month’s newsletter also highlights the latest white papers, reference architectures, and upcoming events.

    Login Enterprise 4.5 (New)

    We recently released the next version of our automated testing platform – Login Enterprise 4.5. The latest version eliminates business standstill caused by unplanned changes to the digital workspace. The new release tests and detects any issues in the digital workspace – before the end-user experiences an outage.

    Learn more about the features and availability

    Download Login Enterprise version 4.5

    Read Press Release

    News and Blogs

    • Next Level of QA Automation: Effective Automation Process
      Read More
    • [Press Release] 10 Tech Leaders Form the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance to Navigate Remote & Hybrid Work Solutions
      Read More
    • Unpatched Vulnerabilities Continue to be a Major Issue – How Can We Fix Them?
      Read More
    • Case Study: NHS’s Secret to Delivering a Fully Functional Remote Workspace
      Read More

    New White Paper: The Importance of Testing

    Software vendors are delivering changes to Operating Systems and Applications faster than ever. Agile development is driving smaller (but still significant), more frequent changes. Digital Workspace managers in the Enterprise are being bombarded with increased demand.

    Download the White Paper on how Login VSI examines such issues and solutions to the challenges of Digital Workspace management.

    New Industry Consortium: The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance

    We are thrilled to be a founding member of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance. It is a consortium of technology leaders dedicated to helping organizations secure productivity for all of their people. Together we are committed to providing the vendor-neutral education and resources needed to empower organizations of all sizes to develop the Digital Workspace strategy that makes sense for their business.

    Download the Alliance white paper to learn more about the Digital Workspace technology stack and tips for evaluating solutions.

    On-Demand: Finance Symposium [Virtual Panel]

    You’re invited to learn about collaboration, security, and user experience. Hear from experts on how financial institutions are progressing in the quest to implement automation. Learn about the business side of pipeline automation, infrastructure as a code, and DevOps.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Hear from a multidisciplinary panel how they deal with change in their organization
    • Challenges enterprises are facing in the adoption of DevOps, automation & cloud
    • The debate about user experience and its role in business decisions

    Watch On-Demand

    Login VSI Training Program

    In a few weeks, we will be launching a new training program for all our customers and partners. The new online platform will offer access to various training programs and certifications. The training will be available next month and will provide opportunities to obtain certification, complete either e-learning or instructor-led courses, or on-the-job foundation services.

    Reference Architectures

    • Deploy Cisco Servers with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs with VMware vSphere & Horizon
      Read More
    • Citrix: Secure and Optimize the Workspace Experience in the Cloud
      Read More
    • NetApp Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
      Read More
    • NetApp Virtual Desktop Services (VDS)
      Read More
    • WWT Lab Services: Testing Environments and Services for Accelerated Decision-Making
      Read More

    Upcoming Virtual Events

    • May 18: Hybrid IT Infrastructure (NL)
    • June 10: CUGC – Northeast XL
    • June 10: VMUG – Global
    • July 15: VMUG UserCon Australia

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