LoginVSInsights: February 2022 Newsletter
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    LoginVSInsights: February Newsletter

    Login VSInsights: February 2022

    Read our February newsletter and keep updated on our latest news. We are pleased to announce the release of Login Enterprise 4.8, be sure to check out the new features. Read the recent reference architectures from NetApp and Dell, and finally schedule your Login Enterprise training if you haven’t already.

    Login Enterprise Release 4.8 Now Available

    We just released Login Enterprise version 4.8 to general availability (GA). This release introduces new features that allow you to quickly and easily determine the most optimal and cost-effective solutions for your organization – reducing digital friction while providing end-users with the best experience.
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    Attend the First Digital Workspace Summit

    Join this summit to hear from leading digital workspace experts from around the world. Our thought-provoking speakers will deliver actionable insights and real-life case studies detailing how the newest digital workspace technologies have transformed their businesses.
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    Single Server Load Test with Login VSI

    The NetApp Virtual Desktop Service uses the Login VSI platform to determine the maximum number of users hosted on a specific server model. Login VSI simulates user login at specific intervals, performs user operations, and determines the baseline based on initial user login sessions.
    Download Reference Architecture

    Dell PowerVault & VMware Horizon 8 with 500 VDI Users

    The user experience is tested using Login VSI, an industry-standard tool for testing VDI user performance. It is designed to simulate real-world users by scripting each user experience phase: login, loading applications, performing worker tasks, and logout.
    Download Reference Architecture

    Schedule your Login Enterprise Training

    Sign up for our e-learning training today! The online training delivers more guidance and enables you to get the maximum value from Login Enterprise. The platform allows users to attend online training and become Login Enterprise certified.
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